Donation items Request:

We Need Your Help!

Collins Public Library 

Summer Reading Program:  One World, Many 


Needs Donations of the Following Items By June 15th!

Dry Pasta (5-6 various kinds/  apx. 2c. each)

1 box Cheerios

1 bag Pretzel sticks

Large Can of Juice Mix or lemonade mix


animal crackers

Yarn-- Any Colors *Thick

2 Pk. rice cakes

3 large bags of wrapped candies (to fill Piñatas 

ice cream-  To treat all the children on July 13th (final program date)

waffle cones (same as above)

multicolored tissue papers 

goldfish Crackers (1 box)

*Donations can be brought to the library during regular library hours.  THANK YOU!