Minutes of the Collins Public Library Board Meeting

February 15, 2013


Members present: Kesha Christie, Kathy Davis, Marge Parham, Megan Coulter, Cliff Dalbey

Members absent: Gloria Christie, Elaine Struthers

Guests present from Friends of the Library Board: Heather Hall, Kevin Floden


Meeting called to order at 6:39pm by Kesha



Bills were passed around for approval. Kesha noted the following:

-budget is incorrect on city report, but correct on library report

-$200 was moved from magazines to office supplies to pay for the TV

-Ryan and Olga’s raises were not on their last pay check-Kesha will check with Theresa


Librarians Report

-Since the last one went so well, the library will host another Trivia Night on March 2 at 6:00. Kesha will make sure it gets in the newsletter, make fliers and post on the web site.

-On February 12, the library will show “Hotel Transylvania” at 2:00. The new program allows you to make “tickets” that are included in the kid’s backpacks at the elementary school. The last movie had great attendance of about 80 kids. Kesha asked if the Friends would purchase a popcorn machine. The cost is $184.06 plus $32.31 for popcorn. Kevin and Heather of the Friends group agreed to purchase the machine and popcorn, and Kevin will look into getting a cart for it. The popcorn will be given to the movie goers for no charge.

-Kesha wished to purchase a new digital camera for the library. After some discussion, it was decided not to purchase a camera since we would need a photo release from the parents/guardians of the children pictured to use or display their photos.

-Kesha asked if she could contact Shipton to install the lighting in the children’s area. The furniture installed there has a built in place for lights. Kevin and Heather from the Friends group approved this, and the cost will come out of the building funds. Kesha will call Shipton.


Other Business

-Discussion of an addition on the library was tabled for later discussion.

-Kesha asked for reimbursement of half of the $60 charge for an Amazon Prime account which allows us to receive merchandise faster and waives shipping charges. Cliff motioned, and Marge seconded that the board will reimburse Kesha the full $60.

-Heather stated that the library will be hosting the lunch at Collins Day on June 22 once again this year, with more details to follow closer to the event. The committee is also looking for something to fill the time between lunch and dinner, and we may be able to do a mini Trivia event. The library/friends will also sell popcorn and possibly ice cream on Collins Day.

-the group gave names of potential Friends members to Heather for follow up since the Friends group currently just has two active members.


Next meeting: Tuesday, March 5 at 6:30pm.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:43pm by Kathy.


Respectfully submitted by Heather Hall